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I was reading in Genesis and it hit me anew how blessed Adam and Eve were. The garden produced food that they didnt have to work for, just harvest. I am so awed by those with a green thumb because i am one of those people that just cannot seem to grow plants so this knowledge is just awwing to me.

Another is that after they eat of the tree of good and evil, you come to realize that in their faith and acceptance of things they were as small children, even though they were adults. Eating that fruit paved the way for doubts and insecurities of the mind and body. You don’t see scripture anywhere that says “Eve thought she was fat” or “Adam worked out to have abs” No, they were ok as they were because that’s how God made them. Not that there is anything wrong with working out, I am just saying body issues were not a thing.

Even though they ate of the tree that they were told not to, before banishing them what did God do? He made them garments. HE MADE THEM GARMENTS!! After they didn’t listen God still covered their nakedness before punishing them. This nailed me right in the mom heart.

You also read that they had access to the tree of life. God wanted to protect them from good and evil knowledge so they didn’t sin. That is the only thing he withheld from them out if a GARDEN of trees and fruit and such.

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