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The Woman With The Issue of Blood

for she had been saying to herself, “If I only touch His outer robe, I will be healed.”

Matthew 9:21

This woman had had a blood issue for 12 years, can you imagine hemorrhaging for 12 years!! Isolated because her blood issue made her unclean. Having spent all she had on doctors who could not help her! Just IMAGINE it! How lonely it must have been to always be on the outside because of something she couldn’t control or fix. How hopeless she must have felt after seeing ALL those doctors and spending, we don’t know how much, money to get help or be healed only to be told they can’t do anything?!? Would you have given up? In those times? So many probably would have, even in this day and age.

Along came Jesus…..the Messiah….the healer! The desperation she must have felt knowing that He was probably her LAST chance for healing. The desperation that must have coursed through her! The hope as the hem of Hid garment was just within reach…..a hand stretch away…..if she could just reach it….

In a crowd, hoping she can just reach the hem of His garment…can you imagine it? Feeling such desperation and hope all at the same time??

And then it happens….

Immediately her flow of blood was dried up; and she felt in her body [and knew without any doubt] that she was healed of her suffering.

Mark 5:29

Immediately! Bam! Healing!!! The relief! The elation! But Jesus turns and looks for the one who touched Him. This woman who had probably spent the last 12 years isolated and seeking all the help she could afford, she was fearfully aware that just the touch of His garment had healed her when NOTHING ELSE could.

And the woman, though she was afraid and trembling, aware of what had happened to her, came and fell down before Him and told Him the whole truth.

Mark 5:33

She fell down before Him and confessed the truth, probably trembling with so many emotions; fear, relief, exhaustion from a 12 year search for healing.

Your faith made you whole.

WOW! Her faith must have been something else. Something borne out of hopeless desperation when ALL else has failed. Imagine that? We’ve all probably felt that way or something akin to it. Sick family members or kids, sick in our own bodies, when we aren’t leaning on Jesus desperation is not so far away.

Y’all I am still learning how to lean on Jesus and I have been to desperation SO many times. I know though, now, how to lean on Him a bit better than what I did in the past. My life is kinda turbulent right now, I have a teenage daughter very possibly facing surgery for another cyst, but y’all I am smiling. I know that my God has it under control and I am touching more than the hem of His garment! Let me encourage you to seek Him! Reach out! Do not delay! Anytime and anywhere you feel like you need Him, in any and ALL situations! Reach for God! You will never go wrong in crying out to the Lord!

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