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How much we see……

You know, we think we see what’s going on in life or situations only to find out later that we had no clue or only saw a small portion of a much larger picture. I have absolutely done this. I have went through some situations where I thought I had things figured out only to find I truly didn’t know what was going on within the whole of the situation, only what I saw. I am learning to lean on God and not myself.

God sees that much larger picture, the whole of it is visible to Him. This is why we must trust God and lean on His understanding and not our own. God will navigate us through all the times of our life and He doesn’t promise that’s its gonna be sunshine all the time, He warns us. He will also lead us and be with us and His spirit will comfort us in troubled times as well as on the mountaintops. Lean on Him and always praise Him and give Him thanks.

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