Posted in encouragement

Carrying Secret Sins….

So many people in the world live with secret sins, thinking if people don’t know that they won’t be judged. Sadly it’s not the judgement of people that we should worry about. God sees us, truly sees ALL of us, which means we aren’t hiding anything from Him and it’s Him who truly matters. God wants us to be with Him in Heaven, but He can’t make the choice for us, we have free will. We also can’t pull the wool over God’s eyes so whatever you’ve been hiding, He knows. You aren’t fooling God.

Stop. Take a good look inside you. Is this really who you want to be? Talk to God. He can help you be a better person. He can give you compassion and love for those around you. He can make you the person you dream of being and more. Jesus loves you. Never forget or doubt that.

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