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When You Ask God to Use You

When you pray and ask God to use you, when seek to be used to further the kingdom of God, be sure not to turn away when He calls you and gives you what you asked for.

I recently asked God to use me, I wanted to do more for Him and His kingdom and His glory. Then… opportunity came up that made my anxiety kick in and I asked “Me, Lord? For that? But what if I can’t?” And He brought my prayers back to me, my asking and seeking Him to do more for His kingdom. So I prayed and sought God and He showed me that in all my anxiousness that it wasn’t even about me. I wasn’t going to do this for me, I was going to do this for HIS glory and while I still have a little anxiety I find that it isn’t nearly like it was. When I feel anxious I pray and I remind myself that it’s not for me or about me. I am doing what I can and what I feel lead to do so that I can glorify God and be a light for His kingdom.

God loves me enough to let me do works for His kingdom. I feel like I am special and chosen…..His word tells me I am. You see, I also struggle with self worth and always feeling as though I am the ugly in the room. So God has taught me a lot with these recent lessons. He made the sun, moon, and stars, among loads of other things, things with such great beauty!! He knot me together in my mother’s womb…..He didn’t make me ugly. I am chosen and special, unique and beautiful. I am a child of the King.

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