​1 Peter 3:3-4

Too often we judge and make insights based on what we with JUST our eyes. We judge how nice or shabby, up or down, a person is dressed. Hair done? Make up perfect? Car nice? Kids behaving? Kids dressed nice? Home in perfect order? 

The “looks” aren’t what is going to get us into Heaven. My perfectly clean house will not save my soul. My manicure and makeup do not matter to God. I am not saying let yourself go. God wants us to have joy and if you feel your best in make up then have at it. Just know that it isn’t everything. Know that it doesn’t matter and it doesn’t make you you. You are who you are because God made you and (i am assuming) you are following his plan for your life. Know that you don’t need the latest and greatest of everything. God sees something far more important than your outside. He sees your inside. Your innermost thoughts. Your heart. Your soul. He sees parts of you that you don’t even know are there, till you need them. You are a beautiful soul, God loves you. 


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