To Remember

To Remember – zakar (verb, strong’s reference # 2142)

I have been struggling, God has been reaching out to me. So, here I am. Doing what I feel lead to do with the words that he has laid on my heart so strongly. To Remember. It’s an action, you actively remember, I never thought of it as an action before but here we are.

Genesis 8:1 God remembered Noah…

Genesis 9:15 ‘And I will remember my covenant’

Genesis 19:29 God remembered Abraham

Exodus 6:5 …I have remembered my covenant…

These few examples stirred the action of remember in my mind and soul. God is showing me that I am actively remembered. I needed this. I needed to be reminded and shown in his word that I am remembered, maybe you do to. Maybe you know someone who is going through or has gone through some tough times. Let them know that they are remembered.




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