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A Prayer For the Day

Abba, Be with me and my family. They tell me it’s normal, my grieving process. Everything I am feeling is normal….I haven’t felt normal, I do more now than before though. I went numb for a bit, autopilot kicked in. Still doing some paperwork. It’s hard to grieve her when I am constantly handing in her death certificate and talking about her assets. Please be with me as her birthday and mother’s day are 5 days apart this year. Thank you for holding me up and carrying me. Thank you for giving me a husband and family and friends who have been with me through it all. Thank you for the peace you left with me in knowing she went to you softly and not in pain. Thank you for sending angels to stand round her bed, and thank you for her words to let me know that they were there. In Jesus most Holy name I pray, Amen.